No treatment is complete without proper dental hygiene. It doesn’t matter the extensive procedures that you undergo, if you aren’t properly taking care of your teeth and gums at home, then you are inviting further tooth decay—and costly repairs in the future. Developing a daily routine when it comes to dental hygiene is the best way of preventing plaque buildup and gum disease.

Dental Home Care

Dental care at home is a necessary part of maintaining proper health. This includes brushing after every meal—or at the very least, twice a day—and regularly flossing. Furthermore, mouthwashes and antibacterial rinses that preserve the strength and vitality of your gums, while reducing bacteria, are crucial to having a healthy, lasting smile—check with your dentist to discuss options.


Flossing is necessary to preserve the health of your gums. To properly floss, wind the floss around your index fingers, and insert it in between the gaps of your teeth. Move the floss upwards, downwards, and back and forth to remove particles of food or plaque that may have become lodged between your teeth, or under your gums.


Whether you use an electric toothbrush, or a traditional handheld one, the procedure is the same. First put a generous dollop of toothpaste that contains fluoride, which helps to harden the outer layer of your tooth, onto your toothbrush. You must then hold the brush at an angle to your teeth. Thoroughly—but gently—rotate the bristles across your teeth, and under your gums, in small, circular motions, across your teeth. Be sure to brush the top of your teeth where you chew your food, and the inside of your teeth as well.

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