Lumineers is a groundbreaking new treatment that is light-years ahead of traditional porcelain veneers. They are a permanent way to bring out your perfect smile, and leave you feeling confident. Studies have shown that individuals with perfect teeth are seen as more attractive, successful, and even smarter. Don’t spend another day hiding your laugh, try Lumineers for an infectious smile you can be proud to display.

Ultra-Thin Lumineers

These incredibly thin porcelain veneers are customized to your specific parameters, giving you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wished you had. Unlike traditional veneers, you don’t have to endure painful drilling, or shots for the pain. Because no drilling of the enamel takes place, they are completely reversible at any point—and there’s no pain. You have nothing to lose, and only a radiant smile to gain. Lumineers have been shown to last over 20 years, so your smile will be with you for decades.

Lumineers with Luminate in LumiTray Technology

Now, there’s Lumineers with Luminate in LumiTray Technology. This new technology makes it simple for your dentist to install your veneers all at once. Thus you don’t have to sit through an arduous procedure as each individual veneer is placed. In addition, Lumineers with Luminate in LumiTray Technology offers preview technology and digital design exclusively, so you can see how you’ll look before the procedure. In the end, this means less procedure time with more accurate results.

Now Lumineers Only Takes Two Visits

Whether you decide to go with Lumineers with Luminate in LumiTray Technology, or simply Lumineers, it only takes two short trips to the dentist’s office to have that smile you’ve always dreamed of having. During the first visit, customized, precise molding is taken. Then, you and your dentist choose the perfect shade for your new veneers. On your second visit, your perfectly designed Lumineers are checked to ensure they fit as they should, and the shading is immaculate. Then they are painlessly attached. There’s nothing more to it than that.

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